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Your source for reliable high-performance architectural coatings and finishes.

Daich Coatings is a world leader in the development and manufacture of decorative stone coatings, high performance paints and architectural maintenance products. We combine our expertise in polymer coatings chemistry with nature's most enduring raw material — STONE — and use it to create a line of proprietary finishes that make surfaces beautiful — and pack them with key performance benefits.

Every gallon of product that leaves our factory is made to deliver significant value-added functionality — from reduced maintenance and repainting costs and safer, more slip-resistant surfaces, to water protection, extreme durability and lasting beauty — indoors and out.We also care about the environment. Today, we're proud to announce that we've been formulating and manufacturing "green" low VOC products long before it was in style.Whether your interest is DIY or Professional -- residential or commercial -- Daich Coatings answers your everyday surface finishing challenges with exciting new solutions.


We began development and testing of our proprietary, low VOC, non-toxic, stone-based surface coating formulations.


We introduced our line of stone-based coatings for interior/exterior concrete, popular with decorative concrete contractors and their customers.


We extended our stone coating technology to high performance interior/exterior paints and decorative textured wall finishes.


We developed a line of DIY finishes for the retail market. Today, our products are sold through more than 1000 retail stores throughout North America.


We custom manufacture coatings on behalf of numerous clients. If there is a product from our line that you wish to market with your brand, feel free to contact us to discuss it further.


For questions about specific surface finishing challenges, suggested products, instructions and more, we're here to help