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Plywood Deck Treatment...

Among ElastoLock's many uses, it can also be used with Daich Reinforcing Fabric and Mesh to create a tough, flexible waterproof membrane for plywood decks. Watch the videos below to see how it's done...

ElastoLock® Wood Decks - Part 1

ElastoLock® Wood Decks - Part 2

Multi-surface waterproofing protection that fights moisture indoors & out

You can salt it, shovel it and drive your car on it. It can bake in the sun ... it can sit for months beneath the snow. It can be your garage floor -- or your kitchen floor.

ElastoLock is a versatile pre-mixed stone coating that adds outstanding beauty and durability to all kinds of interior and exterior surfaces.

Get the look by natural stone or ceramic tile at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.


You'll be surprised at all the useful ways that ElastoLock helps you fight water, vapour and mould.

Elastolock Has Many Benefits Rolled Into One Handy Rubber Coating. It's A Tough Elastic Water Barrier That Locks Firmly Onto Concrete, Concrete Block, Plywood, Tile, Plastic, Metal And More Indoors And Out.

Flood and Leak Protection

Wood Decks

Concrete Cracks

Adhesion Promoter

Before Painting

Before Tile Installation


Outstanding general performance...

• excellent adhesion
• blocks water and vapour
• spans cracks and seams
• stretches up to 800%
• sub-zero temperature flexible
• blocks rust and other stains
• water submersible
• does not support mould growth
• dries fast (30 - 60 minutes)
• brush, roller or spray applied
• paintable
• water-based / water clean-up

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