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epoxy clear

For concrete, wood and more...

• DaiHard® is an excellent on concrete – from interior residential uses to many commercial and industrial applications. DaiHard fills the porosity of concrete and stands up to gasoline, brake fluid, transmission fluid, salt, heavy duty cleaners and tough traffic.

• On wood, DaiHard® is also a hard, mar-resistant surface finish for tabletops and more. (Not generally recommended for wood floors.)

• DaiHard™ is also great for protecting painted walls in abusive environments like rest rooms, locker rooms, industrial and commercial walls.

Performance Highlights...

• chemical resistant
• fast dry time
• long pot life
• corrosion resistant
• resists impact and abrasion
• excellent hot-tire resistance
• low VOC (less than 100 gr/L)
• water-based, low odor formula

Extreme durability for demanding projects

DaiHard™ Epoxy Clear Coat, by Daich Coatings, conveniently adds a super-tough, protective barrier to many interior surfaces - with quick dry time and almost no odor.

It's the dependable strength and toughness of epoxy in a crystal clear, water-based, low odor package that's also low in VOCs. Just mix part "A" and "B" together for three minutes and its immediately ready to apply by brush or roller to suit your specific requirements. No initial waiting time – and a 5-hour usable pot life.

For interior applications, DaiHard™ Epoxy Clear Coat is the product of choice for top coat durability on RollerRock®, SpreadStone™ and SpreadRock® finishes. Whether your surface is a RollerRock® garage floor, a SpreadStone™ kitchen floor or SpreadRock™ countertop, DaiHard® maintains its beauty and cleanability.

Use DaiHard® anywhere you need to protect surfaces from heavy-duty wear.

DaiHard® Epoxy Clear Coat will keep your Daich Spreadable Stone Coatings looking great and protect all kinds of other common surfaces too.