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Customer Testimonials

To our valued customers for sharing their thoughts and experiences in regard to our products: Thank You! Your positive and inspiring comments help us to continue developing leading-edge solutions — and serve you better.

Decorative Concrete Coatings & Floor Paints

"We appled your RollerRock product on our front porch and steps three years ago. The surface still looks great and it is not slippery when it is wet. We are very pleased."
-- Amanda L.
"I have actually used both the SpreadStone and SpreadRock on a garage floor decorative art application. I applied it in 2003 I believe it was and has held up to this point. Although I have not seen it in the last few years my client has no complaints and the last time I saw it three years ago it looked like the day I did it with no evidence of "tire tracks". I have been in the coatings business nearly 35 years and find this product to be the only one I would recommend when it comes to a concrete laminate."
-- Arthur M.
"We just applied your new DaiHard Epoxy Garage Kit on our garage floor. We needed two kits to cover our double garage floor. Your DaiHard product cost us half what it would have been to buy 2 other kits from a retail store. It went on great and the garage looks beautiful!"
-- Steve O.
"Your Terrazzo concrete paint is the greatest. We own an apartment house with eleven units and we painted nine of the balconies with it. Fast, easy and very economical. Thumbs up!"
-- Stuart V.
"We used ElastoLock on our basement floor and walls last year and painted over the ElastoLock floor with SpreadStone. When we had a flood with water 3 feet deep, we figured the surfaces would be ruined. The water was drained and the walls and floor were unaffected!"
-- Bob N.
"We applied your SpreadRock onto our patio and two retaining walls with very elegant results. We love the speckled granite appearance."
-- Lynne J.
"Your RollerRock product is the greatest. Our customers love the anti-slip texture and appearance. We have two crews installing it full time. The process is fast and simple."
-- Marco T.
"We use your Ultra sealer everywhere. Nice stuff. Keep it coming!"
-- Victor H.
"My husband and I rolled SpreadStone onto our ugly cement walkway on the weekend in a flagstone patern in the same colour and style as your video. An amazing transformation. Excellent product!"
-- Annie B.

SpreadStone™ Countertop Finishing Kit

"We wanted a beautiful new countertop finish that was more than just paint — but without smelly epoxy chemicals or the fuss and expense of hiring a contractor. We chose the Daich Countertop Kit and got a real stone surface that I applied in one weekend. We are absolutely thrilled!"
-- Rebecca H.
"We wanted a stone countertop, but we were not ready to spend a few thousand dollars, so we went with Daich Coatings. We are thrilled with the results and how easy it was."
-- Ben W.
I just want to say I did this on my 1980s formica kitchen counters and it turned out fabulous! No one can believe it's a coating that I myself applied. I did alot of research on affordable refinishing options. I followed the directions closely, watched this video a few times and the project was very simple. I originally wanted to do Spreadstone on my patio but lacked the courage for such a big project. I am so glad I tried the countertop kit.
-- Annie
"Very nice product. Thanks for the simple alternative."
-- Evelyn K.
"I carefully researched my options before going with Daich. I wanted a lower cost solution that would be more durable than painting my countertop with a faux finish. Glad we found you!"
-- Linda G.
"We almost went with a new laminate countertop. Thankfully we learned about the SpreadStone Countertop Kit. Now we have stone instead! Thanks!"
-- Melvin S.
"We finished the paint counter of our retail store and we have products dragging accross it all day long. It's been down more than a year and still looks like the day it was installed. Daich Coatings is awesome!"
-- Robert
"We resurfaced an old wood table that was down in our basement for almost 15 years. It now has a beautiful stone top and has been moved upstairs as our new kitchen table. Our friends love it too."
-- Andrea M.
"I refinished a coffee table and a bar counter with one kit. Nice results. I would recommend this product to anyone."
-- Paul F.
"Your product performs as advertised. We covered up a damaged surface with the Jet Black and you would never guess."
-- Suzanne A.
"To my fellow do-it-yourselfers out there ... we just finished resurfacing our countertop with Spreadstone and it has totally changed the look of our kitchen. The video gave us all the facts we needed to do the project and it really was as easy as the video made it look. Came down to breakfast this morning and walked into a brand new kitchen with a stone countertop. We are super happy. If you're thinking about doing this kind of project, I say go with Daich."
-- Mark R.

Decorative Wall Finishes & Designer Paints

"Love the Daich Coatings tile paint! It's absolutely everything I hoped it would be. Install was easy and results are beautiful! Thank you! I've already spread the word so others can paint their old ugly tile."
-- Julie C.
"We used VertiStone to cover three large walls in our home. We went with your Natural Suede finish and we were shocked at how fast and easy it was to apply. I used to do a lot of faux finishing and know from experience that traditional suede finishes are usually very labor intensive and time-consuming. We completed all three walls in less than three hours and the product is extremely durable. Faux finish paint products are NO comparison. I would recommend this product to any DIYer or professional painter."
-- Jessica K.
"We installed VertiStone throughout 82 rooms and eight corridors at our hotel. We applied the Dream Lace finish and the product performs as promised. It is incredibly tough, beautiful and economical."
-- John A.
"We have four children of varying ages. We chose WallRock over regular paint because we were hoping your product would stand up to their abuse. We are truly impressed. Scuff marks wipe right off."
-- Penelope L.
"I used your VertiStone product to create marble effects on concrete pillars for a client and the results were beautiful. VertiStone applies very smoothly and is far easier and faster to apply than Venetian plaster. The durability was also unbelievable just hours after application."
-- Tom S.
"We painted the walls in our banquet facility with WallRock and loved the results. Your staff matched it perfectly to Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams colour swatches and we applied it without primer right over new drywall and joint compound. It hid the wall completely with stunning durability."
-- Kathy F.
"We used your VertiStone product on an exterior cement block wall and we love what it did to our retail storefront! Weather resistant and beautiful. A winner!"
-- Gus R.
"I coated a wall with WallRock and then applied a light VertiStone dream lace finish over that with great results. It was my first time using your product. Definitely not my last! Quality product."
-- Melinda T.