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Daich ElastoLock® UV Water Proofing

Daich ElastoLock® UV Water Proofing

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Up to 8 square metre coverage per 4 litres

ElastoLock® is a highly versatile and functional roll-on rubber membrane that imparts exceptional water-proofing, flexibility and weathering advantages to many existing surfaces.

ElastoLock® is an easy-to-use, single component coating that locks firmly onto concrete, concrete block and plywood -- as well as tile backer board, drywall, fiberglass decking, primed metal and plastic.

It has excellent adhesion, blocks water and vapour, spans cracks and seams, sub-zero temperature flexible, blocks rust and other stains, water submersible, does not support mould growth, dries fast (30 - 60 minutes), roller or spray application, paintable.

Water-based / water clean-up

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